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Gearbot is the AI assistant for The Quietly Working Universe of orgs.

If you receive a text or call from (949) 344-2844, that’s just Gearbot lending us a hand to make sure we are serving you beyond your wildest expectations.

We’ve been training Gearbot for a while now, and he’s simply amazing. As soon as we finished converting our for-profit companies to public benefit organizations, we figured it was a good time to use all that we’ve learned to help non-profits grow through automation and AI bots of their own.

If you aren’t getting our emails (please make sure we aren’t stuck in spam first :P) you can text BADEMAIL to Gearbot and he’ll try to get it worked out. If he can’t… well, he’ll let us know so we can give you a ring.


If you’d like to see what automation and AI can do to help you do more with less, please feel free to give us a ring, or send IMAGINE to Gearbot and he’ll let us know.